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    UAE has become one of the most supportive and fastest-growing environments for businesses. If you’re looking into starting up a new business, company formation in UAE is an option that simply cannot be ignored.

    At Nexus we will help you decide on 2 major aspects for your new business setup:

    Economic zones for company formation in UAE

    There are 3 main areas for setting up a business in UAE based on which authority you choose to register under. Each of these areas has its own pros and cons.

    Business Setup in UAE Free Zones
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    UAE Mainland Company Formation
    Offshore Company Setup in UAE
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    Entity types for company formation in UAE

    You can set up your new business in Dubai and other UAE emirates by registering your company in one of the forms below:

    Business license types for company setup in UAE

    Every business in UAE is mandated to have a trade license AKA business license. There are 3 main business licenses in UAE.

    Our Packages include:

    There’s no need to get confused about business setup in Dubai and UAE. We will handle every step for you. Here are the services you will get if you choose to register your company with us.

    How Nexus’s business setup consultants in UAE can help with company setup

    Handling business registration from abroad could be confusing, time consuming, and costly given the pitfalls. At Nexus we aim to make this process completely hassle-free and convenient for you.

    We don’t just provide fixed business setup services. We will provide tailored solutions based on the nature of your business and your own conditions.

    After you make your final decisions regarding your company type, we’ll take care of the following steps for you:

    1. Approving and registering a trade name (business name)
    2. Inform and collect the required documents
    3. Leasing an office space (if required)
    4. Obtain a business license
    5. Obtain the company establishment card
    6. Obtain UAE residency visa for the investors
    7. Setup company bank accounts

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